Training RTC-01 for operators

Training RTC-01 for operators

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Training purpose

  • Gaining necessary knowledge allowing for safe work with components sensitive on static discharges. Training course is performed based on current and obligatory norms which guarantees, that knowledge of course participant will be complete in accordance with binding requirements in modern electronics.

Training time length

  • Number of hours: 8
  • Number of participants: 8 – 15

Training program

  • Theory of electronic mechanisms
  • Basic knowledge about electrical discharges
  • Electronic components and modules handling
  • Safety measures
  • ESDS identification in equipment (devices ESD sensitive)
  • Range of protection
  • ESDS sensitivity
  • Use of new technologies, processes and antistatic equipment
  • Contradictions with safety requirements
  • Safety measures against high voltage

Training destined for persons

  • Having contact with electronic in production or service process

Advantages for participants

  • Gaining the newest knowledge about requirements associated with protection against static electricity during work with electronic components
  • Receiving personal
  • Receiving personal certificate of finishing the training.