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Training reimbursement

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Please be informed, that there is a possibility of obtaining financing for technical training, implemented by RENEX EEC for employees of micro, small, medium and large companies.

The level of financing is 80% (de mini mis support), remaining 20% company covers in cash with exception of micro companies, which are entitled to 100% of financing.

Maximum limit of education costs per one employee during the year is 300% of the average wage, which is about 12 000 PLN. In 2016, each company employing workers on any contract, will be able to take advantage of this form of financing.

We offer you support in obtaining these funds, preparation of a proposal, training and settlement of financing. About granting a financing decides the order of submission of the project application.

For further information, please contact:

Dorota Trawczyńska
T: +48 885 115 522

Submitted applications are dealt with within 30 days from date of submission, and implementation of training can be implemented throughout the year 2017, according to your future terms preferences.