Training RTC-01 for coordinators

Training RTC-01 for coordinators

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Training purpose

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for ESD coordinators. Training activities realized based on IPC training materials (norms; PN-EN 61340-5-1, PN-EN 61340-5-2 and ANSI/ESD.

Training time length

  • Number of hours: 16
  • Number of participants: 8 – 15

Training program

  • Basic information about electro static discharges (ESD) and electrical over-stresses (EOS)
  • Theory of electrisation mechanisms
  • Elements sensitive on electro static discharge (ESDS)
  • Safety measures against electro static discharge
  • Requirements regarding constructing and use of electrostatic protected area (EPA)
  • High voltage in EPA zone
  • Workers responsibility for adapting and using safety measures
  • Role of ESD coordinator
  • Personnel trainings
  • Training and instructional IPC materials
  • Covering requirements regarding EPA zones audits
  • Reports creation according to international requirements
  • Measurements performing and making out reports

Training destined for persons

  • Training is dedicated for persons performing controls in EPA zones, ESD auditors, employees of companies operating in electronic branch.

Advantages for participants

  • Gaining knowledge about requirements associated with static electricity, necessary on ESD Coordinator work stand
  • Getting didactic textbooks
  • Receiving personal certificate of finishing the training.