Training IPC-7711/21-CIS for Specialists

Training IPC-7711/21-CIS for Specialists

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Training purpose

  • Gaining comprehensive knowledge covering theory and practical directions about modification and repairs techniques of electronic devices and printed circuits according to IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 standards

Training time length

  • Number of hours: program dependent

Training program

  • Chapter I – Introduction: generally used procedures.
  • Chapter II – Wires connections by braiding.
  • Chapter III – Dismount/mount of thru hole components.
  • Chapter IV – Dismount/mount of Chip and Melf components.
  • Chapter V – Dismount/mount of SOT and SOIC components.
  • Chapter VI – Dismount/mount of J-Lead and QFP components.
  • Chapter VII – Repair of printed circuits boards: repair of solder lands, eyelets and holes metallisation, printed circuits, shorts mounting.
  • Chapter VII – Laminate repairs.
  • Chapter IX – Coating: identification, removal, repairs.
  • Chapter I is obligatory, the rest depending on customers requirements.

Training destined for persons

  • Directly involved in repairs of electronic devices maid in SMT and PHT technology

Advantages for participants

  • Gaining the newest knowledge about obligatory international standards if comes to repairs and modification of electronic devices and printed circuit boards made in surface mount and thru hole technology
  • Getting textbooks with didactic materials
  • Receiving personal, international certificate of finishing IPC-7711/7721 Certified IPC Specialist training.